Knauf Earthwool Omni Fit Roll 40

A lightweight glasswool insulation roll.

Suitable for insulating between and above the attic floor joist. 

Suitable between timber and metal studs and internal floor joist for thermal and acoustic solutions. 

Non Combustible Insulation, Class A1 Fire Rating

Commonly known as mineral wool insulation, not to be mistaken with stonewool in terms of fire protection. 

Combi-Cut rolls to suit 400mm and 600mm centers. 

Thermal Conductivity 0.040 W/(m K)

Knauf Earthwool OmniFit Roll 40 Price Excluding VAT
200mm 1.2mtr x 3.40mtr (4.08m2 per roll) € 26,80 each Call For Discount Prices
150mm 1.2mtr x 4.55mtr (5.46m2 per roll) € 26,88 each Call For Discount Prices
100mm 1.2mtr x 6.80mtr (8.16m2 per roll) € 26,84 each Call For Discount Prices
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