Blowerproof Liquid


BlowerProof liquid airtight membrane can be applied using an airless paint sprayer, rolled on with a paint roller or painted on using a paint brush.

BlowerProof liquid is BBA certified. 

Used widely across Europe because of its ability to reach unrivalled levels of airtightness.
Blowerproof is used to reach Passive Standard 0.6 AC/h in buildings but can reach 0.2 AC/h if required.

Seals difficult junctions at masonry walls, floor joist, concrete joints between floors and much more.

Areas of Use

  • Floor/wall connections
  • Wall/ceiling connections
  • Entire walls
  • Wall/wall connections
  • Vertical and horizontal joints
Blowerproof Liquid Price Excluding VAT
BlowerProof Liquid 10kg Drum € 115,00 each Call For Discount Prices
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